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Smoked Salt Flakes - 1 Jar (150g)

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Smoked Salt Flakes - 1 Jar (150g)

Earthy yet delicate, this premium finishing salt has had a long cold smoke over local beech & oak wood chips. Sprinkle our high-quality salt into egg dishes or stir into a fresh ricotta or cream cheese. This wonderful product gives a subtle, smokey umami dimension to your food creations. Perfect for the summer bbq season!

Produced in small batches, here in Yorkshire, this is a simple way to add a further dimension to your flavour profiles, to elevate any meal. We combine both “time-honoured” ancient and “new cutting-edge” production methods here to preserve tradition and to drive a low impact, ecological story. These salts have a distinct mineral profile, so we suggest to use around two thirds of what you would normally, but can rely on the flavours to take your gastronomy to the next level.

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