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Cold Smoked Trout - Beetroot Cure - 100g

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Our beetroot-cure recipe cold smoked trout. An initial submersion in organic beetroot juice then dry-cured ourselves by hand using our own unique blend of salt and Demerara sugar. Slowly cold smoked for 12 hours in our own smokehouse over beech and Alder before being sliced by hand. Our fish are raised in crystal clear pure rainwater using our sustainable raising methods, which produces a delicate and unique flavour profile, perfectly balanced with our secret beetroot cure mix blend to create a really luxurious product. Perfect for topping blinis spread with cream cheese and topped with our fresh herbs. 100g.

Wine pairing suggestion;

A German Pinot noir (known locally as Spätburgunder) lightly chilled, really works well with this. Gently teases the earthiness from the beetroot but leaves the sweet smokiness of the trout and the alder to still shine through. 

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