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Tomato Club 2024 - Farm Share Subscription - 1kg per month (x3) NOW FULLY SUBSCRIBED

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Tomato Club - CSA Farm Share Subscription

So, how does it work?

It’s really simple, you decide how often you'd like to collect a 1kg box of our heirloom tomatoes during the three months of August, September & October - you can choose the frequency of your subscription, either every fortnight or every month. With the fortnight option you will be charged £26 per month (x3) and with the monthly option you will be charged £13 per month (x3).

How many tomatoes are included ?

This year we’re selling all of our fantastic tomato selection in 1kg boxes.

What else do we enjoy as a member?

We'll keep you updated on our social media channels and our website when our various varieties become available and are at the peak of their flavour, we'll post unique collectable info cards on our website for each particular variety, so you can learn more about the history and the unique features of that variety of delicious fruit.

On the 1st August 2024, we'll be announcing the "TOMATO CLUB EXCLUSIVE WELCOME EVENT" this summer, the entrance fee for this farm tour (2 adults) is included with all of our subscriptions. (Please note; we don't announce the date too early because we're never quite sure when our tomatoes are ready for harvest.)

 The event will likely be on a Saturday morning (10-11am), we'll include a short farm tour with some tastings and feature a tomato related Q&A session, run exclusively for our Tomato Club members.

When do we collect?

You’ll be able to collect your box of perfectly ripe tomatoes from our farm site in Farnley Tyas. Collection slots will be determined by your chosen frequency. (Fortnightly or monthly) Our collection slots are open every Friday between 5pm & 6pm, we will email you a collection schedule when everyone has signed up. Please note that we may have to slightly adjust your collection schedule, depending on how well our season is progressing! Remember we are just a small farm, with limited resources and a specific quantity of vines. Sometimes, if  the sun doesn't come out for a few days, this can delay our harvests! If we can't supply enough on your specific slot, we will always try our best to make sure you're happy. Either by offering to deliver to you in person as soon as your tomatoes are ready, or by adding a few extra delicious fruits, or as a last resort, offer you a refund. We will use email as the first means of communication and mobile phone number as the second means, so please make sure you enter your details correctly when you place an order. 

 If we’re on holiday for one of our collection dates, can we still become members?

Yes, of course! Everyone deserves a holiday! you can either choose to let someone else collect on your behalf that day, delay your collection, or we can just process a refund request for that portion of your share. 

If you decide that the tomato club subscription is not for you, please remember that we do also sell our tomatoes to non-members for collection and at our food circle market events, assuming we have surplus stock. These are only sold in 300g compostable clam-shell packs at £4.50 each.

Please note that we cut our tomatoes fresh for you, to order, just prior to your chosen time-slot. This allows for the freshest possible produce to be available for you. So if you're unable to make your collection slot for whatever reason,  please just inform us at least 24 hours before your slot.

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